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This collaboration sauce was created for our good friends at Freakshow Deluxe And the Freakshow Deluxe Family! Rev. Tommy Gunn and myself created this recipe to mimic grandmas apple pie. The Vietnamese cinnamon and Apple are an amazing flavor profile matched with the ghost chili punch! The sauce goes well as a desert sauce or everyday sauce. We love it in a carnitas burrito or over ice cream!


The label art was done by John Seabury!


Check out our friend's review of Freakshow Deluxe Apple Cinnamon!


SKU: 00006
  • Do you like apple pie? or Spicy apple pie? Well this collaboration hot sauce made with Hella Hot and the owner of Freakshow Deluxe circus sideshow, the Rev. Tommy Gunn. This hot sauce is like having a piece of grandmas apple pie with a kick! The Vietnamese cinnamon and apple make a wonderful pairing with the habanero and ghost chili! Try this sauce in your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert. Even spicy cocktails!

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