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Who We Are

Hella Hot Hot Sauce took California by storm in 2014 after owner and creator Kyle Colson nailed it in the kitchen with some amazing fruit based hot sauce creations. Kyle and his wife decided after searching the world over for the best hot sauce and to finally obey their own irrepressible urge to produce a hot sauce like none other. Recipes flowed and the people spoke, “I’ll take one of each!” Every unique blend of sauce perfectly highlights aroma, taste and heat. The beautiful fruit and pepper combinations will complement fine and cutting edge cuisines across the board. The grassroots vision and eclectic personality of the business will resonate with you. With year round, seasonal and artist collaboration sauces there is an abundance of fire and flavor coming to you at all times from all angles.


Hella Hot Hot Sauce is committed to conducting business with integrity. Our aim is to achieve loyalty between ourselves and our customers, employees and distributors.  We strive to use locally grown ingredients whenever possible to provide our customers with a truly Californian hot sauce experience. We hope to be good stewards of our earth while contributing to a healthy growth of our community because we believe that both can be done in connection with a successful company. We are committed to making a truly tasty super spicy hot sauce…..a HELLA HOT HOT SAUCE

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