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Our Garlic Death Grip hot sauce was made in collaboration with Hunter Jackson, Techno Destructo, creator of the mighty band GWAR! Techno and myself created this recipe by making one of the stinkiest garlic based hot sauces that tastes amazing! This sauce has sweet notes from apples and hints of citrus notes and a mild spice! This sauce will pair well with your morning eggs and bloody mary! Then for lunch try it on your pizza or in your pasta sauce! Once dinner comes to the horizon use the garlic death grip on your steak and potatoes!


The label art was made by our friend Hunter Jackson!


Check out our friend's review of Garlic Death Grip!


SKU: 00007
  • The Garlic Death Grip was made in collaboration with OG Scumdog of the universe, Techno Destructo, aka Hunter Jackson. This sauce is heavy on the garlic with sweet notes of apples and a good habanero burn.

  • Medium

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